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What is Tech Neck and How Can You Avoid It?

Working from home offers several benefits. You don't have to deal with workplace interruptions or commute; you have a flexible schedule; and you can stay in your comfy clothing all day while sending an email.

However, because portable technology or an improvised home standing desk were not developed with posture in mind, many patients ask us, "How to get rid of tech neck?"

Tech neck is a neck disease caused by repetitive strain and damage to the muscles and other tissue components of the cervical spine. The screen that we've all come to love and rely on these days, whether it's a smartphone, laptop, or iPad, is at the foundation of this problem that more and more people are facing.

Since you're reading this, you could be one of many who suffer from agonizing tech neck discomfort after spending hours hunched over a computer. You may be desperate for a solution and thinking how to solve your situation as soon as feasible. So, what can you do if your neck becomes tight and uncomfortable, and you have difficulty moving your head?

The good news is that you can do things to better your situation. As a result, in this post, we'll teach you how to get rid of tech neck with chiropractic therapy.

What Are the Signs of Tech Neck?

Those asking how to get rid of tech neck and considering whether to let the ailment go away on its own should be aware that frequent symptoms associated with tech neck are often modest in the early stages but tend to worsen as the condition progresses. In addition, while the degree and position of the pain may vary from person to person, other than your neck, you may suffer discomfort in neighboring locations, such as the upper back or shoulder blades, over time.

The following are the most often reported symptoms:

  • Pain in the lower neck, necklines, shoulders, and upper back.

  • A sharp, stabbing pain that is acute and confined in one area, or you may just feel achy and sore throughout your neck and upper back.

  • Headaches are caused by spasms in the neck muscles, but they are also caused by utilizing technology for long periods of time every day.

  • Strain on the eyes. In addition to seeking for ways to get rid of tech neck, many people require glasses prescriptions.

  • After sitting in one posture for an extended period of time, reduced mobility or stiffness in the neck, upper back, and shoulders may worsen.

  • Increased discomfort while leaning your head forward, gazing down at text, or holding your neck in one of the postures that caused your tech neck in the first place.

  • Jaw pain caused by cervical spine misalignment or muscle imbalances.

  • Changes in posture include the shoulders rounding forward.

  • Tingling and numbness in the arms and hands caused by spinal nerve irritation and inflammation.

Break Periods Can Assist You in Avoiding Pain

Break intervals are extremely effective in avoiding and alleviating neck and other musculoskeletal discomfort. They allow you to relax fatigued muscles and ease tension in your neck, upper back, and the muscles that support your shoulder blades. This variation in action also gives you the opportunity to stretch and change postures. All of these modifications assist to mitigate the disadvantages of keeping a forward head position.

Consider measures to enhance your workplace environment:

  • Be conscious of your neck position as much as the rest of your body.

  • Set timers to remind you to take breaks throughout the day.

  • A little soreness is a sign that it's time to stretch.

Chiropractic Care Can Help You Fix And Prevent Tech Neck

As an early intervention, manual therapy, rest, and massages are strongly advised before the neck discomfort becomes chronic. All of these things may aid in improving function, increasing activity, and preventing long-term neck discomfort. Once the neck pain has become chronic, particular neck exercises for controlling chronic neck pain, in conjunction with chiropractic treatments, may greatly improve functioning. In certain cases, neck discomfort can progress to cervical radiculopathy, which may necessitate epidural steroid injections or surgery.

"Can tech neck be reversed?" you may question. The good news is that frequent chiropractic adjustments are quite effective in preventing and managing this sort of neck discomfort.

So, if you are experiencing significant neck discomfort and want to ensure that your body heals before your situation worsens, please call schedule an appointment with a qualified chiropractor.

Five Stretches to Help You Get Rid of Tech Neck


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