Tuesday, July 11, 2023

WFH Alternatives: Getting The Job Done At A Different Location


A home office has many advantages, but living and working under the same roof might become monotonous at times, and a change of atmosphere will do you good. It turns out that living the enchanted life of WFH isn't as simple as you anticipated, but don't worry.

Working from a different place occasionally may boost your productivity, eliminate boredom, and lessen your procrastination. If your profession needs you to travel from home, you're probably used to taking advantage of every opportunity to connect with free Wi-Fi, a comfy chair, and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Whether you enjoy it or despise it, the discipline of working away from your home office at times is a valuable ability to develop.

There are several options (and possibly more) for working from home, and there is something for everyone.


When you need to get out of the house, libraries are a fantastic public resource. Meeting spaces, technology, and soft chairs are all available in most libraries, making it a nice location to concentrate. If you need to research academic publications, archives, or local information, they have free Wi-Fi and a large array of resources. You're allowed to remain from open to close, and if the Wi-Fi signal is good, you may work from outdoors. Naturally, you won't be able to make or receive phone calls inside, but most libraries will let you arrange private meeting rooms.

Coffee shops

Although working in cafés was popular before to the epidemic, some businesses have made their workplaces more accommodating to remote workers. Many freelancers consider cafes and coffee shops to be the finest locations to work since they provide caffeine, a snack, and in many cases, free wifi.

You may mingle with others, eat, and begin your day with a nice cup of coffee.


Why not book a workstation for yourself?

Work-from-hotel packages have been introduced by a number of hotels. Free coffee, eating credits, luxurious recliners, and ergonomic workstations are just a few of the amenities available. Most significantly, there is peace and quiet.

Co-working spaces

Co-working is one of the better options for those who don't want to work from home. By keeping things simple and flexible, it eliminates many of the drawbacks of typical office leasing. BizHaus offers month-to-month coworking subscriptions, allowing you to expand, contract, or cancel as required. Your company demands define your space requirements, not the other way around.

The outdoors

You may always carry a hotspot with you when you leave your home office if you require Wi-Fi to work. If you have the itch to work in the great outdoors, many spots near parks, libraries, and public colleges have free Wi-Fi.

Being in a bright, open-air atmosphere may invigorate your work and inspire fresh ideas. Taking phone calls outside in the sunshine and fresh air might be a welcome break from whatever is waiting for you at home.

Rent an Airbnb

Think you can't work from the hills or with a wonderful view of the sea?

Now that most locations have loosened their travel limitations, you may reserve an Airbnb in your city or town to get away from your home office desk. You might perhaps get up early and go sightseeing in a different city or town.

Working in alternative locations

You can be productive whether or not you continually switch up your location from time to time. Mobile solutions can aid you immensely as you move between locations or time zones, web-based solutions like project management programs, real-time communications, and scheduling software may help keep things running smoothly.

Do everything you can to keep your gear and software safe from would-be criminals, regardless of where you work. While many places may have free Wi-Fi, bear in mind that many of them are not safe, even if they are password secured. Use a virtual private network (VPN) or carry your own Wi-Fi hotspot while dealing with sensitive data while travelling.

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