Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Proven Benefits of Working From Home With Your Pet(s)

The workforce has undergone numerous changes. From setting up a new workspace to adjusting to online meetings and calls, one of the most difficult adjustments for many was adjusting to their new coworkers: their pets.

If you have pets, you understand what we mean. With cats climbing all over your keyboard and dogs barking during Teams and Zoom meetings, these fluffy friends, while adorable, can be quite distracting. Despite their drawbacks, working from home with your pets has a number of advantages.

Pets are our most devoted companions, and when you commute to work, you're frequently required to leave your furry friend alone for eight hours or more. It may be difficult for you as a pet owner to be away while feeling a constant tug of guilt, and it may be even more difficult for your pet, who has a long, lonely day awaiting your return.

Pets have traditionally been restricted to being a personal companion. However, if you're thinking about switching to a full-time or hybrid remote work schedule, you should consider all of the advantages of working from home with your favorite pet.

Improved Concentration

In an office, it can be difficult to maintain focus throughout the day. However, you are isolated from your coworkers at home, which can make focusing on your work even more difficult. Although your dog or cat may occasionally distract you, their frequent visits during the day serve as excellent reminders to get up and take a break. As previously stated, taking a break to walk your dog, as well as playing, brushing, petting, and so on, can help you be more productive. Taking frequent short breaks can help you regain energy and focus on your tasks when you return to them.

Enhances Mental Health

Many people have experienced stress and anxiety this year. Having a pet provides a loving companion and can help prevent loneliness for those who live alone. Petting and playing with your animals has also been shown in studies to reduce stress-related hormones in the body. It can also increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Animals never cease to bring a smile to our faces. Their silly antics are a welcome distraction from the stresses of the workday.

Why Your Pet Could Be Your Favorite Colleague

Pets make the world a better place, especially if you're dealing with anxiety and productivity issues. Does this sound like a typical workday? Consider the following benefits of transitioning to remote work for both you and your pet.

Reduced feelings of loneliness and stress

One of the most common concerns about working remotely is the possibility of loneliness and isolation without the camaraderie of a traditional office.

If you want to reap the benefits of leaving a stressful commute behind and having more free time for your personal life, make sure you consider the benefits of having a pet with you. Consider the fact that pets have been shown to lower cortisol and increase feel-good hormones.

A pet can help you reduce your anxiety in a variety of ways. Some are less obvious, such as having more structure in your day and getting outside if your dog needs a walk. Interactions with your pet provide more direct stress relief.

Office plants are excellent listeners, but pets generally take it a step further by responding to your voice. Stroking a pet for 10 minutes has also been shown to alleviate stress. Never underestimate the healing power of a simple hug, even if it isn't from a human.

Less Concern

According to studies, working from home has numerous productivity benefits. Instead of worrying about your pet needing attention or being late getting home to walk your dog, as a work-from-home employee, you can be on-site and monitor your pets.

Your pet will benefit from extra care and attention, while your work productivity may actually increase.

More Imagination

Knowing you need to get up from your desk for your health isn't always enough of a motivator to do so. You're more likely to get up and move if you have a pet that needs attention during your breaks.

You could join the walking lunch group instead of eating at your desk. Better yet, start a new trend of taking your meetings for a walk.

What difference does it make? According to studies, walking can boost your creativity by 60%. With the rise of remote work, you might be surprised at how simple it is to log in on your phone, put on some earphones, and start working.

Grooming and Veterinary Appointments Made Easier

The time you save by not commuting as a work-from-home professional can be spent on your pet. Use this extra time to properly groom your pet or to ensure that they attend their regularly scheduled vet appointments on time. You'll also be able to ensure that your hyperactive hound gets his or her daily dose of fetch or a trip to the pet park.

Savings on Animal Care

Working from home with your pet saves you money in a variety of ways. You will have little (if any) need for doggy daycare and will not require the services of a dog walker. As a work-from-home professional, you can also provide more one-on-one care for your pet rather than paying a groomer.

Happier Pets

We mentioned it briefly earlier, but it cannot be overstated. Your pets are happier when you are present, especially if you are training a younger pet. Being present eliminates feelings of loneliness when you leave the house every day.


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